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Shanghai KSJ Mecanical blades Co.Ltd. professionally make and supply :
1,Guide rail used in the industry transmission device;
2,Shearing blades for shearing all kinds of woven and knitted fabrics made of wool,cotton etc;
3, Rotor and stator knives for granulating of all kind of plastics industry and rubber industry;
4,Paper cutting knives for printing and book binding industry;
5,Veneer knives and slicer knives for wood industry;
6, Shearing blades and Rotary slitter knives for metal industry
7,Other kind of mechanical blades for industries.
Shanghai KSJ has professional mangers, engineerings and workes.They use advanced mechanical and heat treatment technologies as well as new materials.So we can supply high quality products to our customers.We can develop new materials and products to satisfy our customers.
The objects of our company are:
Customer satisfaction first; Honesty first.
Quality is life ;innovation and development;
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We can develop new products together with customer to solve the problems in using the knives
Supply the best products and offering the best services to our customers.
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